What is the process?

Countertop surfaces are like the "Cherry on Top" of a beautiful room.  There are so many varieties, details and colors to choose from.  The following steps will assist you in that process and allow you to know what to expect along the way.

  1. Decide on Material Type:  Our showroom offers a vast collection of material types and color samples.  Our staff can explain the care and use of each material so that you can make your best decision.
  2. Decide the details:  Customizing your countertops with design details such as the type of edge best compliments your style, the type of sink installation you prefer and the type of splash you would like to add. 
  3. Obtain a cost for your project:  Bring in a sketch or plans of your project, or allow us to visit the site.  The sizing and fabriation details along with the type of material you would like to use will allow us to generate a very accurate idea of your cost.  We can work with you to tailor your selections to fit into your budget.
  4. Template/Measure:  Once you have settled on your selections and your cabinets are installed and level, we will visit your site and create lifesize templates that pattern your cabinets and walls.  This process is the most important step in allowing the finished product to be a perfect fit.
  5. Layout:  If you are using natural stone, we encourage you to participate in the layout of your material.  This process allows you to see what areas of your slab can and will be used in your project.  This is helpful in capturing the important parts of the slabs you really enjoy.
  6. Fabrication:  Once all details are confirmed and any layouts are completed, we will commence with fabrication.  This process can take anywhere from 10-15 working days to complete.
  7. Installation:  We will return to your project with completed countertops for installation.  A typical kitchen installation is completed in one day.  Fixtures can be connected the the next day.